_Summit Wealth Strategies
An uncommon blend of experienced professionals and financial tools
Designed to serve your needs

We always start with the big-picture view of your life and finances.

But not before we say 'hello.'

The first time we talk, it's a stress-free get-to-know-each-other conversation. You don't have to worry about "high pressure sales" or anything like that.

It's only after we chat about your goals and if we might be able to help... only then do we start digging into specific strategies for your situation.

And the reason is this:

Everything we do is designed around serving our clients for the long-term.

Relationships matter.

We invest heavily in our clients. We build custom strategies based on the results they can provide (not based on what brand name is offering it), and we only move forward after you feel comfortable with the strategy we develop.

Take a look below for the specifics of what we offer.

Individual Strategies
  1. Custom Financial & Retirement Strategies designed to achieve the goals you set... which we will methodically fine-tune as your goals evolve*
  2. White-glove wealth management can free you from the hassle of manually monitoring your accounts and having to "figure it out"
  3. Personal Review Sessions to highlight exactly how your accounts have performed, and where they stand in relation to your long-term goals
  4. One simple online login (mobile app included!) to access all of your accounts, 24 hours a day
  5. Life & Long-term care insurance planning so you never have to worry about the "what if's" of unexpected life events (or if those you love will be cared for)
*Fee-based financial planning available
Corporate Strategies
Ideal for organizations with 50+ employees, our corporate services include all of the Individual Strategies PLUS the structure, guidance, and support for your:
  1. Group Insurance (Life, long-term care, disability, health, dental, and vision)
  2. 401K planning
  3. 1:1 detailed financial analysis and strategies for employees (Optional)
All of our corporate services are designed to serve each of your individual team members, providing you an opportunity to boost retention AND attract top talent with brag-worthy benefits for your compensation packages.